Are You Stuck With Boring Old Website That Doesn’t Get You Results?

You know it's time for a revamp but you fear the cost of re-design?

Yes re-designing your website can be a very expensive exercise, however, if done well, redesigning your website can be a high return on investment. It also doesn’t need to be as costly as you imagine (our re-design packages start from $500).

Imagine your website as a digital salesperson in your company. If it does the job well, you get to make more profit.

There are 6 excellent reasons to consider a website redesign:

1 - Your website is not "mobile-friendly"

These days Google ranks websites according to their “mobile-friendliness”, and has a specific criteria that must be met for Googlebot to label a website as “mobile-friendly”. If your website is not eligible, you will gradually lose your rankings to “mobile-friendly” websites of your competitors.

On the other hand, mobile Internet usage has surpassed desktop users with 80% of internet users use their smart phones to access the Internet. Pair that with the fact that mobile users expect to get what they want very quickly and easily, and want to have "mobile intelligent" features, they’ll be dropping of your website like flies.

2 - Your website design looks old and outdated

You know that first impression counts. You only have a brief moment to capture the visitor’s attention and convey high value to them. Your website design is direct reflection of your business image – and for that reason it’s important that it looks fresh, contemporary and professional.

3 - Your website is built on out-dated technology or content management system

Times change rapidly in website technology and whilst some website platforms and content management system keep up awesomely with these changes, most don’t. Which means limited editing choices, less options to add new desirable features and most of all higher vulnerability for security breaches and unwanted hacks.

4 - You want to improve usability

If you visitors can’t find what they are looking for, they will leave your website in a heart bit. A lot has changed in website design which aims to de-clutter your content and make it easier for visitors to navigate to the right information and interact with you.

5 - You want to add new functionality

Things change in business and some features and tools were not needed at the time your website was designed. The last thing you want to do, is to just dump new features to your already out-dated look of the website and make it look even less professional. So if you’re looking to add e-commerce, forums, blog, social media, members’ area or any other major feature, a redesign is probably in order.

6 - You’re not getting results that you want

You may love the look of your website but I bet you would love it even more, if it was getting you the results you want. Redesigning your website is a great opportunity to optimize your website towards your business goals (that may have changed since your website was made). This is a great opportunity to reassess your thinking then use the new technology to improve your online opportunities.

I bet that several of the situations above are happening to you, and that doesn’t mean that you now need to start from scratch and create a new website.

The fact is that most websites can be easily re-designed to achieve better online results.

This means less cost, less down time…and in turn better results for your business.

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  • How to spot and avoid dodgy web developers

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