For business owners who want to leverage their time and knowledge:

Build Private Community, Earn Recurring Revenue Or Deliver Your Content With Your Member’s Hub

It saves your time, it leverages your expertise, it works 24/7, it builds your business, it reaches more people…

Sick and tired of trading ‘time-for money’?

It’s ok, it’s 21st century, now you don't have to anymore. In fact you can influence more people in less time thanks to technology.

The simple way to leverage your expertise is to have your own

Members Hub

So, what is Members Hub?

Simply put, Members Hub is a website with an area where your customers can access your content in form of a course, information products, training, past workshops, videos, audio recordings, downloadable PDF’s, pretty much anything you like...

This way you only have create your content once, then share that content with all of your customers, or just specific group of them.

You can deliver your content however you want: immediately, or dripped out according to a schedule being accessible to thousands of people.

This way you are leveraging your knowledge while being able to reach a lot more people and at same time it gets you a ton of free time to enjoy your lifestyle…

Members Hub also gets you:

  • Unlimited Membership Levels

    Create “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”, or any other “levels” you want! Charge more for higher levels of access – all within the same site.

  • Integrates With Your WordPress Site

    Whether you’re building a new site or integrating with an existing WordPress site, installing Members Hub is a breeze!

  • Easy Member Management

    View your members, their registration status, membership level, and much more. Easily upgrade members, move them to different levels, pause their membership, or delete them entirely.

  • Total Content Protection

    Determine exactly what content your members can access! You can even drill down and grant access to specific posts, pages, categories and comments for each membership level. The possibilities are endless!

  • Custom Error Pages

    When a person tries to access content they don’t have permission to view, they will be taken to an error page. Now you can determine what that page will be, this can be an upsell page. This gives you the chance to encourage them to register or upgrade to a higher membership level.

  • Partial Content Display

    What if you want the majority of a post to be displayed for non-members except for one sentence? With the Partial Content Display feature you can hide that “secret sentence” from others, but only show it to your members.

  • Registration Approval

    A registration process can be set so that the site administrator must approve a registration BEFORE they gain access to content. A registration can also be set so that an email is automatically sent to the user requiring them to confirm their registration BEFORE they gain access to protected content. Both of these scenarios are optional.

  • Your Control

    From day one your Members Hub is under your control. It sits under your hosting, your domain and you have full access to it 24/7.

  • Sequential Content Delivery

    Graduate your members from one level to the next. For example, after 30 days, you can automatically upgrade members from a Free Trial to the “Silver” level.

  • Flexible Membership Options

    Create Free, Trial, or Paid membership levels — or any combination of the three.

  • Multi-Level Access

    Give your members access to multiple levels within your VIP membership. For example, create a central download location with access granted to members of all levels.

  • Subscription Length Control

    Control the length of time each member has access to your membership site. Now you can automatically expire a membership after 3 days, 7 days, or whatever time period you want.

  • “Sneak Peek” Content Display

    Protecting your content is extremely easy because everything after the “more” tag is automatically protected for members only. So an eye-grabbing post title, combined with a compelling opening paragraph is more than enough to wet the appetite of non-members!

  • Login Redirection

    Set the first page your members see when they login. Even use a different redirection page for each membership level. It’s perfect for adding welcome messages, updates, news, and so much more.

  • Import/export members

    Members can both be imported and exported. .csv template is provided to you for importing members from another system and if you wish to export your members, you can export them all at once or by membership level using the export feature.

  • And much, much more!

Members Hub has a wide variety of additional features that expand the way you can use WordPress to build and grow your special membership site.

Who is Members Hub for?

If you are:

  • Coach, consultant, trainer or an expert

    who has clients who need access to your coaching/training materials…

  • Entrepreneur, business owner

    who sells information products, who needs to deliver content online…

  • Service provider, company owner

    who has training materials/videos/resources for your employees…

  • Business owner who runs live workshops, webinars

    and coaching calls, of which recordings can be uploaded to members area and then shared with all of your customers…

  • Published author

    who’s wants to give more value to your readers, exercises or create a community…

  • Business owner who wants to significantly leverage

    your time and knowledge and life your ultimate lifestyle…

  • Or if you are…?

...then the Members Hub is ideal for you!

Here is what you need to do next...

All the Members Hub sites are done according to your needs, with that said we have to talk first…

During our initial talk you’ll get crystal clear about what knowledge, and how much time, is possible to leverage, and leave our session with the confidence of knowing EXACTLY what to do to get the Members Hub you want…

So simply click on “let’s talk” button leave your details and we will contact you with 24h.

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Gaby Kowalski, Its Simple

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Your Membership Hub will be completely customised to your brand, your content requirements, your community…and here are some examples:


A training portal with 8 modules, 30 pages of content and 4 bonus modules all consisting of video and downloadable content. Resource and community pages.

Full integration with program's sales page, shopping cart, CRM system and email marketing platform, with automated registration process,  and many other features.

Its Simple Members Site

Membership site, a hub where members can prepare for live events, coaching calls, online masterminds as well catch up on any missing events. Over 10 pages of content, including videos, downloadable content, checklists, workbooks etc. Includes a grid for super user-friendly interface.

The hub includes event calendar,  resource page and community forum. Full integration with sales pages and shopping cart, webinar platform and with automated registration process, plus many other features.

Video Profit Formula

A training portal with 12 modules of video and downloadable content and various bonuses. Resource, help desk and community pages.

Full integration with program's sales page, shopping cart, CRM system and email marketing platform, with automated registration process,  and many other features.

Our Double "You'll Love It" Guarantee:


Your purchase is 100% Risk Free with our double "you'll love it" guarantee:

Guarantee #1: We guarantee your will have a Members Hub that works for you. It will do what you want it to do or you get 100% money back. No questions asked.

Guarantee #2:  Your online Members Hub site will be build, delivered and fully functional in less than 27 days or your 100% money back. No questions asked.

Nathanial Bibby, Bibby Consulting Group

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Remember, in just 27 days, or less,  you can have a lot more time to enjoy life more…

Looking forward to talk to you,


P.S. Please remember, Members Hub works for you-  it saves your time, it leverages your expertise, it works 24/7, it builds you business, it reaches more people...

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