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If you don't have your domain name or hosting account as yet, we recommend to get your domain name and hosting with, pick ‘deluxe’ option, (choose an operating system ‘Linux with cPanel) and you will get one domain name for free.

If not, you can get get domain name and hosting from anywhere you like just make sure you don’t pay more than $10 per month for hosting, look for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited websites.

That’s how you know you are not getting ripped off!

In short, get your hosting and domain name from anywhere you like just make sure they have 24/7 phone support, anything else simply is not good enough…

(in case you don’t know, domain name is the ‘name’ of your website, like is the ‘name’ of ours, and hosting is the ‘rent’ that you pay for your website…it has to live somewhere, right?)

If all this is too challenging, leave the fields empty and we'll do it together during our chat.

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