Would you like to go for a week to a Multi Award 5 Star Luxury Resort Hotel in Bali?

Simply refer us your friends, colleagues, business partners, family members and be rewarded for it.

How it works:

It's quite easy, simply give our details to the people you think will have a benefit from our services, then let us know who this person is. Or you can give us their details and we'll contact them directly.

For any sale up to $6000, you can get:

...we'll discuss the details later...

For any sale over $6000 (which we get quite easy) we will send you to Bali*:

*Does not include fights. You can upgrade if you want to take your children.


Check out the images of the resort below (click on the image to start a slideshow):

So why should you go to Ubud?

Well, take your pick - go to cooking classes, take art class, see Monkey Forest, visit secrete temples, do shopping, eat in one of the best sushi restaurants, go to the beach (it's only 14k away). If you really want to do some work go Hubud, co-working space with cable internet, Skype and meeting rooms (but we wouldn't suggest working while on holidays) or simply relax and enjoy the warm hospitality of the resort...

What happens if you send us more clients? You can stay in the same hotel for more weeks or add another reward 🙂

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